Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Joseph -- go see if any baby books are on sale."

A week ago today we had a store full of people, eagerly -- in some cases, desperately -- putting the final touches on their holiday shopping. Today, oddly enough, it's somewhat quieter.

Which means -- time for ** A SALE ** !!!

The post-Christmas sale is a time-honored retail tradition, and who are we to resist it? (I wonder if the wise men stopped at a mall on their way to Bethlehem....) At any rate, here's what we're offering:

-- 50% off all Christmas cards.
-- 40% off a wide variety of hardcovers -- fiction and nonfiction.
-- 40% off all cookbooks.
-- 40% off all children's hardcover picture books and all children's Christmas books.
-- 40% off a large selection of children's nonfiction.

Consider it the Accent on Books Economic Stimulus Plan. So come on in with your gift certificates and your list of books Santa should have brought you but didn't, and load up on great savings.

Perhaps the President-elect should send Accent on Books a thank-you note.

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