Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friday, 5/8, at Accent on Books: Danny Bernstein

Has the weather finally turned warm for good? Hopefully so, though it's never a good idea to tempt the fates by assuming that's the case. If it has, however, here in Western North Carolina that means it's time to break out the backpack, the hiking boots, the water bottle -- and the guidebooks by Danny Bernstein.

Two years ago Danny's book Hiking the Carolina Mountains appeared, and it seemed to me, relative tenderfoot that I am, to be a model of what a hiking guidebook should be: clear, accurate, easy to use and well-written. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Danny does not write her books from an armchair: she herself has hiked all these trails and knows all their details. (She's also hiked the Appalachian Trail end-to-end.) Now she has a second volume out: Hiking North Carolina's Blue Ridge Heritage. As the title suggests, this book is more strictly geared towards the North Carolina mountains, and, in addition to detailed descriptions of the hikes, also includes background information about the history of the trails and their place in the legend and lore of the mountains.

So don your best hiking hat, pull out your walking stick, and trudge on over to Accent on Books this coming Friday beginning at 6:00 PM to hear Danny talk about her adventures hiking and writing and get a personally autographed copy of her latest book. The mountains are calling.

Danny's website can be found here.

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