Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Hey there! elizwoodville is using Twitter"

Or at least that's what it says at the top of a certain page on Twitter. However, as students of English history -- or Shakespeare's history plays -- will tell you, Elizabeth Woodville was actually a fifteenth-century English queen. So has she time-travelled to the 21st century and adopted modern technology? No, it's actually just a publicity tool for a new novel by Phillipa Gregory, who's probably best known as the author of The Other Boleyn Girl. Her new book, The White Queen, is about Elizabeth Woodville, and so this past week Gregory has been posting "tweets" in Elizabeth's voice talking about her many trials and tribulations during the Wars of the Roses. All these posts are available on "elizwoodville's" Twitter page now (you don't have to be a Twitter member to see them) and later on next week will be available at Gregory's website. The book itself -- which, lest we forget, all this stuff is promoting -- will be available at Accent on Books beginning next Tuesday.

By the way, a number of years ago, Byron and I were both in a production of Shakespeare's Richard III with Montford Park Players. I played the title role and Byron played -- Elizabeth Woodville.

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