Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friday, 4/23, at Accent on Books: Wayne Caldwell

Wayne Caldwell has been busy promoting his wonderful new novel, Requiem by Fire, something that we at Accent on Books know to a certain extent first hand. In late February there was a reception for Wayne at Ambiance Interiors, his place of work, and we supplied the books. We performed the same function at the Requiem by Fire launch party at First Baptist Church in downtown Asheville in early March. And last week Wayne spoke on his "home turf" at the Enka-Candler library and, again, we were privileged to provide books for the event.

So isn't it about time that Wayne dropped by Accent on Books itself for a reading and signing? Absolutely, and that will happen this coming Friday, beginning at 6:00. Requiem by Fire is the sequel to Cataloochee, Wayne's highly regarded historical novel published three years ago, and shows the same combination of down home storytelling and literary excellence that won the earlier book national praise. And Wayne the speaker and raconteur is just as entertaining as Wayne the novelist.

So if you have not yet gotten a copy of Requiem by Fire, here's the perfect time to correct that oversight. And even if you have, we hope you'll drop by and greet this wonderful Asheville author who has justifiably garnered national attention both for himself, and for the landscape and people whose story he tells with such beauty and eloquence.

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