Monday, June 21, 2010

Monkeys & Donkeys & Battling Machines

With apologies to Sonny Curtis, we at Accent on Books have been fighting the computer over the last several weeks, and the computer keeps winning. Thus, Page 854 has been sadly silent. However, a turning point might have been reached, and we may be on the point of prevailing.

This has given extra meaning to an advanced copy I saw last week of a delightful children's book due out this fall from Roaring Brook Press called, It's A Book, in which a monkey patiently explains to his laptop-bearing donkey friend that, no, the book the monkey is reading cannot blog or tweet or make noises. On the other hand, as the donkey is amazed to discover, it doesn't require batteries or a password, doesn't need to be recharged, and if you just spend some time quietly with it, it has some quite powerful properties of its own.

So hopefully Page 854 can be revived here pretty soon. In the meantime, I suppose you and I can always find a good book to read.

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