Thursday, September 4, 2008

The candidates are going for a touchdown (or something like that)

As I write this, people are looking forward to one of two events that will take place tonight: John McCain's acceptance speech or the beginning of the NFL regular season. Or they are looking forward to both. Or neither.

At any rate, as we continue to celebrate ** our 25th year in business ** here at Accent on Books we thought we'd open September with a 20% sale on all our political and current events books. With this in mind, here is but a small sample of what we have on hand:

For Barack Obama fans: Obama's own two books, of course, which have been out for awhile. Plus, Barack Obama in His Own Words, and Barack Obama for Beginners.

For John McCain fans: Three books by McCain himself -- Faith of My Fathers, Hard Call, and Why Courage Matters.

For Joe Biden fans: Promises to Keep, Biden's memoir, now out in paperback.

For Sarah Palin fans: Um, nothing yet, but there was a biography of her released earlier this year which we have on order. It's called, appropriately enough, Sarah.

For fans of other politicians: America: Our Next Chapter, by Chuck Hagel, and A Time to Fight, by Jim Webb.

For fans of bipartisanship: What You Should Know About Politics -- But Don't, which is endorsed by both Bob Dole and Barack Obama.

For fans of cable news networks: Independent's Day, by Lou Dobbs; Life's a Campaign, by Chris Matthews; Culture Warriors, by Bill O'Reilly; and Truth and Consequences, by O'Reilly's good buddy Keith Olbermann.

For politics junkies: Safire's Political Dictionary, by William Safire. An amazing book.

And finally, books for the largest special interest group of all -- those who can't wait till the whole blasted thing is over with: Anything for a Vote: Dirty Tricks, Cheap Shots & October Surprises in U. S. Presidential Campaigns; and The Almanac of Political Corruption, Scandals & Dirty Politics.

I'm Patrick Covington, and I approved this message.

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