Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pandemonium in Wasilla

It's tempting to ascribe psychic abilities -- or perhaps political savvy -- to Shannon and Leonard Cullip. That would be one explanation as to why, this past June, they named their new bookstore in Wasilla, Alaska, "Pandemonium Booksellers." Wasilla is, of course, now known for having the most famous "former small-town mayor" in the country, and "pandemonium" might be one way to describe what has taken hold of the town since Sarah Palin joined the Republican presidential ticket. Not surprisingly, Pandemonium (the bookstore) has been quite busy, and sales of political books from all parts of the ideological spectrum have been strong. Shannon Cullip observes, however, that if there are townspeople who aren't fond of their ex-mayor they "aren't saying much."

The Cullips have no additional information to clarify the question as to whether Palin really wanted to ban books from the local library back when she was mayor. However, this does give me an opportunity to mention that Banned Books Week is observed nationwide every year during late September. You will no doubt be hearing more about this from us in the near future.

More about the Cullips and their bookstore -- and about Banned Books Week -- can be found here.

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