Thursday, November 20, 2008

Friday, 11/21 at Accent on Books: Randy Russell

Asheville author Randy Russell refers to himself as a "ghostologist," a vocation that his led to three previous books, including the popular Ghost Dogs of the South. In his latest book, Russell turns from the canine to the feline aspect of the uncanny with Ghost Cats of the South, a book he will be discussing and autographing this coming Friday evening, starting at 6:00, at Accent on Books. This new volume is comprised of twenty-two stories concerning mysterious cats (actually, is there any other kind?) who have appeared in various locations including Black Mountain, Hot Springs and Sylva. Maybe he'll know about the gray tabby that occasionally appears on my front steps in the morning and sits there motionless, staring at me, as if it knows more about me than I would want any being to know.

I don't suppose anyone could explain all the enigmas of cats, and maybe we wouldn't want that anyway. But Randy Russell knows more than his share about these creatures, so we hope you'll join us Friday evening to either get some answers, or celebrate the fact that there really aren't that many.

Randy's website is here

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