Saturday, November 22, 2008

"What a cute baby! And you say its name is Accent?"

If you or someone you know is expecting a bundle of joy and coming up with a name for it is presently an issue, we have several books at the store on baby names which might be of help. Or you can simply decide to follow the example of Audrey and Kevin DeKam.

They named their son after their favorite bookstore.

Audrey recently gave birth to Powell Finley DeKam, named for Powell's, the famous independent bookstore in Portland, Oregon. Powell's mom is a creative writing teacher who describes her perfect day as sleeping in and then getting "lost for hours" in Powell's (the store), something she may not be able indulge in for awhile now that Powell the infant is on the scene. This choice of a name, however, was not entirely impulsive: they did check a baby name book first and discovered that Powell means "alert."

Of course, there are limits as to how far you would want to take this. I would hope parents would never show such poor taste as to name their twin sons Barnes and Noble.

Tip of the hat to Shelf Awareness for reporting the above item.

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