Wednesday, April 8, 2009

E-mail Alert

A bit of housekeeping:

For those of you who signed up for the Accent on Books e-newsletter and have your e-mail with Charter (""), you may be wondering why you haven't seen an issue for awhile. That's because Charter has labeled our e-mails as spam (the nerve of them!) and is refusing to deliver it to you. This has been very frustrating for us, but rest assured Byron, our e-mail writer and sender, is doing her best to solve the problem. In the meantime, you may want to check messages that have been designated as spam or alter your settings if you can do so. (Not having my e-mail with Charter myself I don't know whether this is possible.)

Thank you for your patience, and if you have any advice or feedback feel free to contact us at And if you haven't yet signed up for our free newsletter, you can do so either at that e-mail address or at the store.

There's a reason some of us are convinced computers are governed by trickster gods.

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