Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Friday, 4/24 at Accent on Books: Young Poets

Accent on Books will hold its last official National Poetry Month event this coming Friday evening beginning at 6:00: "Rising Stars: Young Poets Speak Their Truths." This program is being organized by Marian Plaut, local poet and great friend of our store, so we at Accent on Books don't know much more about what to expect than you do. All we know is that Marian will be assembling a group of students from local schools to share their poetry with us. When we had a similar program last year it was fun and inspiring for everyone involved.

We hope you'll come by Friday evening and show your support for these young people who have chosen to demonstrate their love of language by creating poetry. Who knows -- maybe they will one day be world famous and you can say, "I heard them first, at Accent on Books!"

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