Wednesday, July 29, 2009

To the Moon

One of the benefits for us of our Great July Sale is that it clears out some stock in time for both our annual inventory in August and for the arrival of new titles in the fall. I listed some of the new titles which will be part of the fall season in an earlier post.

Of course, we can't carry everything, and one title which I'll admit we probably won't bring in is called Moonfire. It's a coffee table book about the Apollo 11 moon mission, and the text is that of Norman Mailer's out-of-print book on the subject, Of a Fire on the Moon. The price? A mere $1000.00. But wait, there's more, as the TV pitchmen say. As reported in this article from the London Times, twelve copies of Moonfire will come with a slice from an actual moon meteorite. The price for these select copies has not yet been determined but, as a spokesman for the publisher, Taschen America, said, "It will be thousands, hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Kind of like a diamond."

Nothing like having a coffee table book that is not only worth more than your coffee table, but may be worth more than your entire house.

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