Saturday, July 11, 2009


To borrow from the Car Talk guys, I've found a new way to waste a perfectly good hour -- or more: I've joined Twitter; and, for whatever reason, I've found it maddeningly addictive. For those not familiar with it, Twitter is kind of a combination social network/blogging site that is very streamlined and user-friendly, with an ethos that encourages its millions of members to communicate with each other in a variety of different ways. Of course, it's been much in the news lately since it's been used as an outlet for protestors in Iran to convey their experiences to the outside world. (As a matter of fact one commentator has gone so far as to suggest that Twitter be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize; I'd say that's reaching a bit.)

One drawback with Twitter is the nomenclature: it's hard to talk about it without sounding a bit like a dork. Regardless, if any of you are already on Twitter and wish to "follow" me, I promise I won't be paranoid. And if any non-members wish to see my -- ahem -- "tweets," you can do so at my homepage, which you can access whether you are a Twitter member or not. Since it's a personal page and not a store page (though that may come later) I post about not only books and bookselling but other interests as well: politics, religion, human rights, sports, the arts, or whatever else is on my sometimes overcrowded mind. So check it out, if you wish -- and if you end up tweeting away yourself, don't say I didn't warn you.

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