Saturday, November 28, 2009

Of Pink Trees and Tuna Moon

There's no more denying the holly jollity of it: the books on Pilgrims and turkeys have been put back on the bottom shelf of the Children's Seasonal section and the display tables now have a more wintry feel. Yesterday -- the day now known almost universally as Black Friday -- Byron and Rebecca decorated the front windows of the store. On the right, facing the store from the outside, is a fairly traditional window with a green tree and our large countdown hanging, and books with reindeer and Santa Claus (though Splat the Cat and the Grumpy Badger also make an appearance).

On the left hand side, things are a bit more funky, a bit more, well, Asheville. There we have a pink tree, and pink books, and the more crazy aspects of our stock: sweet potato queens, Babymouse, David Sedaris and the new Augusten Burroughs book with the flashing Santa Claus on the front cover. Strega Nona is there, too, looking very pleased with herself, as well she should.

Holiday music has invaded the sound system as well, with the CD, Spirit of the Holidays, by store favorites Tuna Moon. Well, actually the group is called Luna Moon, but on the front cover of the earlier cassette version the "L" in their name looked a lot like a "T," so they've been "Tuna Moon" ever since.

So come on in and enjoy the Accent on Books of your choice -- traditional or trendy. We have the perfect gifts for everyone, including yourself, and you can actually take the books off the shelf and look through them, instead of simply gazing at the cover on a computer screen. And you can dream of a pink and green Christmas, under the light of a Tuna Moon.

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