Thursday, February 25, 2010

Able to Leap Seven Figures in a Single Bound

Accent on Books doesn't deal in used books (it really is a very different type of business), nor do we sell comics, but maybe we should reconsider. This past Monday a new record was set when a single comic book sold for $1 million. That is more than three times the previous record, which was $317,000. What's more, the sale took place after the comic was posted on a web site for all of one minute.

What was this miracle publication? "Action Comics #1", which featured the first appearance of Superman. (The $317,000 comic was another copy of the same thing, but not in as good condition.) Evidently the Man of Steel is to comics what Honus Wagner is to baseball cards.

And how much did "Action Comics #1" cost when it was first published back in 1938? About 10 cents. You do the math.

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Sue said...

Do you sell graphic novels? I haven't gotten into reading them myself -- it's a very different mindset for me than reading text, even text with illustrations.