Thursday, February 18, 2010

"The Book"

I have added a new item to the "Links" area of this blog: a new website for us book geeks to get lost in (great -- just what we needed). It is a site created by the New Republic magazine and is simply called, "The Book." In addition to reviews of current books by New Republic staffers, it also features book-related articles from other websites and a feature which takes a second look at older titles. All fairly standard, but there are other features of a more historical nature which I find particularly appealing. One is a series of archived articles from nearly 100 years of TNR's history; currently up are articles by E. M. Forster on Jane Austen and Richard Hofstadter on Abraham Lincoln. The other feature is vintage video links of famous authors. So far, videos featuring such luminaries as Nabokov, Beckett and Berryman have been featured, and currently on the page is an interview with (a possibly drunk) Jack Kerouac.

At any rate, check it out yourself. You can click on the link in the right-hand column, or simply click here.

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