Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saturday, 5/15, at Accent on Books: Ed Neilsen

"The Vietnam War was one of the most divisive events in American history. It tore apart country, family and friends....The goal of this volume is not to resurrect those debates, but rather to offer a forum to those in uniform who participated. However you feel about the debate, the efforts and sacrifices of our servicemen must be acknowledged."

The above passage is from the Introduction to Warriors, by Hendersonville author Ed Nielsen, who will be at Accent on Books this coming Saturday at 3:00 to talk about his book.

Nielsen, a career employee of the Defense Department, interviewed a number of vets from all different branches of the service about their experiences in Vietnam, and the recollections of nine of them make up the substance of his book. Army, Navy and Marine, they recall the harrowing, frustrating and at times even humorous experiences which comprised day-to-day life "in country." It's a witness that all of us, no matter how we might feel about the politics of that conflict, need to listen to and remember.

Saturday is Armed Forces Day, and we hope you will be able to join Ed Nielsen at the store to remember, to reflect and to pay tribute to those who have served.

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