Saturday, May 22, 2010

What's That Strange Clacking Sound?

Last week a customer leaned her head into the back room and said facetiously, "What's that strange noise? I could hear it all the way at the front of the store." She was referring to the sound of me pecking away on our loyal store typewriter. Yes, we still have -- and still use -- one of those antique instruments which have almost vanished from the scene thanks to the ubiquity of computers.

Skye Ferrante would probably appreciate that. The New York-based writer still uses a 1929 Royal typewriter to produce his children's books. Problem is, that productive clacking noise is no longer welcome amongst the silent laptops in the Writers Room in Greenwich Village. According to the New York Daily News Ferrante returned to the room recently after an eight months absence and was presented with an ultimatum: give up the typewriter or abandon his cubicle (for which he pays $1400 a year). For Ferrante it wasn't a difficult decision: the Writers Room will see him no more. "I just wish there were some typists out there that would back me up," said Ferrante, "but I don't know of any."

Well, Skye, we may be a bit far away to be of any help, but just so you know: we've got your back.


dan said...

typestolgia coined in honor of Skye

dan said...

typestolgia 4 thumbs up
buy typestolgia mugs, tshirts and magnets(n.) - A nostalgia for old manual and electric typewriters as well as the sound of typewriting on such machines
"I like my computer with its sleek keyboard, of course, but I must say, I also harbor a personal typestolgia for the old days of manual typewriters and electric typewriters."

-- overheard at a watercooler in Manhattan, May 15, 2010