Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tasha Tudor, 1915-2008

If you see Welsh Corgis bounding about with a bit less energy these days, it may be because they lost one of their greatest advocates this past Wednesday when Tasha Tudor died at the age of 92. For decades, Tudor was known for her charming, old-fashioned illustrations of both books she wrote herself and classics such as The Secret Garden and The Night Before Christmas. And Corgis frequently made their way into her illustrations, whether they were part of the story or not.

Despite the look of her illustrations, there was nothing fragile about Tudor herself. During much of her adult life, she lived by choice in a house without electricity or running water, raised farm animals, and planted by the signs. She was once quoted as saying, "It is healthful to sleep in a featherbed with your nose pointed north."

More about Tasha Tudor can be found here.

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