Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gee, thanks, Mike!

This being an election year, it's not surprising that writer/filmmaker/provocateur Michael Moore has a new book out. It's called, Mike's Election Guide 2008, and it's a $13.99 paperback available from Accent on Books.

Oh, and one more thing: Michael Moore doesn't want you to read it.

Wouldn't you know it -- here we are, hardworking booksellers trying to get interesting books into the hands of appreciative customers and an author says, "Don't buy my book!" What's going on here???

Actually, that's not quite what Moore said. In an article by the AP's Hillel Italie, Moore is quoted as saying, "I would rather you go out and work for a local candidate than read my book." Now, being a civic-minded American, I can hardly argue with the idea of working for the candidate of your choice. But perhaps people can be political volunteers and read Moore's book, or whatever other book they're interested in. And something tells me that, Moore being Moore, that's actually what he would prefer, too.

By the way, Moore's quote is just a small part of a very useful and informative article about new books scheduled to be published this fall. The article can be found here.

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