Thursday, August 28, 2008


Accent on Books' fiscal year ends on August 31, which means every year about this time we enter the dreaded world of taking inventory. However, rather than shutting the store for a couple of days and doing it all at once, we do it in stages throughout August. Also, instead of doing the whole store each year we do adult books and children's books in alternate years. This is the year for children's books, and up until this morning we had inventoried all the sections but one:

The dreaded KRF.

Each section in the store has a three-letter code in our computer, and "KRF" stands for "Children's Reference" -- an all-encompassing term for non-fiction books covering virtually the entire realm of human knowledge. It's a section full of neat and fascinating books, but it's also large and a bit hard to organize, so taking inventory of it is a challenge, to say the least.

This morning, Lewis, Byron and I stumbled in about 8:00 to get the deed done. The printout for the section contained 856 titles; Lewis called them out and Byron and I marked them off, one by one. After a couple of hours we were through, and, amazingly enough, virtually everything was there that was supposed to be there.

So come on in and check out KRF while all the books are present and accounted for, and the section is especially well-organized. Hopefully, by the time you arrive Lewis, Byron and I will have recovered from the experience and will be lucid and responsive.

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