Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Friday, 7/11 at Accent on Books: William Melnyk

This Friday, July 11, Accent on Books will be welcoming an author with a fascinating story to tell. Walter William Melnyk was for years an Episcopal priest serving in various different locations in the Eastern U.S. Like many other Episcopalians, he became increasingly interested in Celtic Christianity, but his attempts to combine pre-Christian -- and in particular, Druid -- practices with modern Christianity caused conflicts with Church authorities serious enough that Melnyk decided he had no choice but to leave the priesthood.

During a ceremony at Stonehenge, William Melnyk met Emma Restall Orr, one of the leading figures in the British Druid revival. They decided to collaborate on a book, and the result is The Apple and the Thorn, which Melnyk will present on Friday, beginning at 6:00 PM. The book is a novel about the Lady of the Lake and Joseph of Arimathea, two characters through whom Orr and Melnyk explore Celtic belief, in both its Pagan and Christian manifestations.

More about The Apple and the Thorn can be found at this website. Our store events page is here.

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