Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"My fellow Britons, read this comic book!"

Meanwhile, over in Britain, it may not be a national election year (see previous post), but there is a book that is causing a lot of political comment -- a comic book. It's entitled, Captain Britain and MI13, and the superhero portrayed is none other than Britain's current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. The infamously dull former Chancellor of the Exchequer is the last person one might think of as a comic book hero, but Paul Cornell, who has previously worked on the "Doctor Who" television series, is an admirer of the Prime Minister and obviously came up with a unique way of expressing this.

Gordon Brown actually has a book out himself called, Courage: Portraits of Bravery in the Service of Great Causes, and it's available at Accent on Books. However, the only illustration is a photo of the author on the dust jacket.

More on Gordon Brown, comic book superhero, can be found here.

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