Thursday, July 17, 2008

A New Poet Laureate

It's been a busy week at Accent on Books, and as a result I'm afraid Page 854 has been a bit neglected. However I will take the time to post a bit of news.

Kay Ryan was named today as the US Poet Laureate for 2008-09. A lifelong resident of California -- and educated at UCLA -- Ryan, in her early sixties, is known for a style of poetry that is both accessible and profound. She uses simple diction, interior rhyme, and often very short lines that can lead to surprising revelations. Unusually for a major poet, Ryan does not hold a fulltime position at a major college or university -- she has a part time job teaching remedial English at a school in Marin County.

More about Kay Ryan and the Poet Laureate program can be found here.

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Rhea said...

I hadn't heard of her, but that makes it exciting. We will all be familiar with her work before too long.