Thursday, July 3, 2008

Independence Day and the literature of heat

Last Sunday, Sam Tanenhaus, editor of the "New York Times Book Review," had an article in the Times' "Week in Review" section about how American literature is "a catalogue of summer disturbances." Ranging from Shakespeare and Montaigne, through Crevecoeur and Whitman, and up to Faulkner and Tennessee Williams (Caliban as a forerunner of Stanley Kowalski), it seemed to me a brilliant synthesis of politics, history and literature -- great reading for the Fourth of July.

I hope everyone has a great July 4th, celebrating (or avoiding) the holiday as you see fit. Accent on Books will be closed on the Fourth, but will reopen on Saturday so you can continue enjoying our great July sale.

I have mentioned our July *** SALE ***, haven't I?

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Dee S. said...

Hi, Patrick. Read about your wonderful store on ShelfAwareness today. When I visit Asheville, I must come see and buy. :)

I wish your summer reading program was available in Atlanta. My seven-year-old loves books like me.