Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wednesday, 7/16, at Accent on Books: Charla Muller (nudge nudge wink wink)

And now for something completely different:

Charla Muller's husband was about to turn forty so she decided to give him a special gift. A necktie? No. Soap-on-a-rope? Hardly. A Home Depot gift card? How lame.

Her gift was sex, every day for a year.

What happened after the announcement of her gift is the subject of Charla Muller's new book, 365 Nights, and Charla will be at Accent on Books on Wednesday, July 13, starting at 6:00 to talk about it.

This is certainly not your typical subject matter for Accent on Books authors, and it's kind of cool that after word of this event appeared in the newspaper we actually got a few protest calls. Controversy -- we love it! But before you get the wrong idea, we haven't started dealing in pornography and this isn't an illustrated how-to manual. Rather, it is a funny, thoughtful, down-to-earth chronicle of how to keep passion in a marriage -- or renew passion if it's disappeared -- amidst all the stresses, concerns, and crazy busyness of everyday life. And c'mon, admit it -- you know the subject matter's intriguing.

So we hope you'll join us this Wednesday evening. And if you're not familiar with the significance of "nudge nudge wink wink" (hint: it's connected to the opening sentence of this post) you can find out more here.


audrey said...

Do be sure to ask Charla these questions:

1. Why did you call your book 365 nights when you actually didn't even do it for 365 nights? Seems a bit misleading or maybe it was just a marketing ploy. I guess something like 243 nights of intimacy might not have sold as many books?

2. Can you define what you meant by sex? Was it actually intercourse? Or was "sex" just a long passionate kiss? Do tell!!

audrey said...

Do be sure to ask her the following:

1. Why did you call your book 365 nights when you didn't even do it for 365 nights? Seems a little misleading?

2. Why do you refuse to actually define what you mean by sex? Was it intercourse? Was it a long passionate kiss? Do tell?